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When Kosum was only a young girl, her feet were horribly scarred in an accident. This prevented her from being able to move freely and live a normal life. In addition to this, her family life was troubled. Her mother suffered from mental health issues, and her father didn’t care much about his two daughters or his wife. When she was 21, Kosum moved to Belgium to live with her aunt after her parents divorced. She found work at a Thai restaurant, but it was impossible to work for long periods of time because of her injured feet. Kosum took her aunt’s advice and got a job working in an erotic massage parlor, servicing men from 11 in the morning to late at night.

When we first visited Kosum in the parlor, she still had dreams of becoming a language teacher. Recently, these dreams have faded away --all her attention is focused on keeping her boyfriend around and attracting clients despite the pain in her feet that causes her to need lots of time off.

We believe that Kosum’s dreams can still become a reality. She is smart, witty, and has boundless energy despite her physical limitations. She has faced many barriers in her life, but has fought and survived. We want to help her find work that gives her life, empower her to be in healthy relationships, and give her the emotional and community support she desperately desires.

Help us give Kosum the tools she needs to break down these barriers. Partner with us through "the 9 campaign." 

Oasis Belgium is proud to announce "the 9 campaign." The idea is simple - we are asking faithful followers and supporters of our projects to commit to partnering with us on a monthly basis. We rely completely on the gifts of others to do what we do best: investing in people. Your gift will help us accompany women to police and social services. It will fund printing costs for educational materials on domestic violence. Your contribution will allow us to pay our hard-working staff, who give their energy, time, and administrative expertise to work worth doing.

The idea of donating money to organizations is difficult for many people, but when you think about it, many of us gladly pay this amount for subscription services on a monthly basis (Netflix or Spotify, for example). So here's the challenge. See what subscription service you're willing to go without, and make the transition to supporting the work of Oasis Belgium. It's that easy!


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